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Finding affordable accommodation might be difficult, especially at the beginning of a semester. Single rooms are available in student dormitories administered by the Studentenwerk Bonn (monthly rent starting at approximately 250-380 Euros) but there are always more applicants than places. The application deadline for rooms is August 20th for the following winter semester. The coordination office will, upon request, assist in reserving a dormitory room.
Private rooms are usually more expensive and must be organized by yourself, e.g. via local real estate agencies or specialized homepages (see links below). Foreign students (non-EU students) may be required to obtain a VISA and/or a residence permit. Students are responsible for their necessary documents for studying and traveling in Germany. Please read up on all necessary documents and arrange with your and the German authorities.

For further information on accommodation for students, please consult this page.


Here you can apply for a room in halls of residence of the Studentenwerk Bonn:
Department of Student Accommodation

There´s a range of possibilities to inform yourself about the current offers on private accommodation.

There are several search engines or other tenders by which you can look for shared flats, apartments and larger flats:
Studenten-WG, Host a Fan, apartments-b2b, WG-gesucht, Immowelt.

Besides you can look for accommodation in the advertising section of the Bonner General Anzeiger

For rental agreements on the private housing market - general advice and important instructions regarding contracts: "All you need to know before signing a rental agreement on the private market" - see external link Just Landed.


Prospective international students have to apply for a student visa at their respective German embassy before entering Germany. A list of embassies is available at the Federal Foreign Office.

All international students who wish to stay in Germany for more than three months must have a valid residence permit. This also applies to students from EU countries.
If you already have the required documentation or entry certifications for the period of your stay in your passport you do not need to contact the municipal immigration office. In that case, it is sufficient to get in touch with the Residents' Registration Office (Bürgeramt).
The municipal immigration office is where you can obtain a residence permit.

These are the documents you need:

  • a valid passport
  • notification of admission or the matriculation certificate
  • the registration confirmation of the Bürgeramt
  • evidence of financial cover of your studies
  • evidence of sufficient health insurance cover

For students coming from non-EU countries, additionally:

a visa for studying purposes

International Students

The International Office of the University of Bonn provides support and advice to international students and researchers.

Please take a look at the brochure "Insights for International Master's Students" on formalities, important contact persons and central service units of the university.

The Student Union (AStA)

The office can help students and applicants with problems and concerns regarding administration, finances, coursework and immigration matters. Moreover, it provides further information about admission, scholarships, grants and language schools, the German job market and job opportunities, residence permits as well as internships for international students.

The Student Union (AStA)
Nassestraße 11
53113 Bonn
Telephone: +49 - (0)228 - 73 - 70 30
Telefax: +49 - (0)228 - 26 - 22 10

Student Union's Social Counseling Service

The social counseling service will answer your questions on topics regarding studies and everyday life in general. It provides competent assistance, especially concerning questions about insurances, scholarship grants, and welfare.

Student Union's Social Counselling Service
Nassestraße 11
Room 15
53113 Bonn
Telephone:+49 - (0)228 - 73 - 40 43
Telefax:+49 - (0)228 - 26 - 22 10

Bank Account

A so-called current account or giro account ("Girokonto") with a German bank is necessary for your financial transactions since many payments can only be made as transfers, i.e. you cannot pay cash.

Rent, health insurance, telephone bill, electricity bill, and other regular payments can be handled by setting up a standing order (Dauerauftrag) or a direct debit mandate (Einzugsermächtigung), either at a branch bank or by filling in a printed form. Both are set up only once and remain valid until you change or cancel them. This saves you a lot of work. In case you disagree with a withdrawal you need to contact your bank immediately. The money can then be retransferred to your account.

You can open a giro account with a bank or a savings bank (Sparkasse) after having registered with the Residents' Registration Office (Bürgeramt). If you present your Student ID the account is free of charge. 

Online Job Fairs

Here's a list of Online-Job Fairs which include offers for students in the Bonn-Cologne area:

Job offers at the University of Bonn

Online-Job Fairs at the University of Bonn

Job Fair of Studierendenwerk Bonn


Find more information about Bonn and the University here.